The Difficult Third Album

June 18, 2014


In January 2014 The Pleasures of June began recording the often cited difficult third album.  With a new batch of songs freshly plucked from the atmosphere like lazy passing clouds, work is very much underway to deliver some more reliably sonic delight.  In an already crowded world of quality music these veteran gloves are now […]

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Auckland To London : 21,000km Train Ride – August 2012

August 27, 2012


Day 1 – Aug 15- Hong Kong: Midnight flight from Auckland to Hong Kong, 11.5 hours, bit bumpy, started the 850 page novel Lonesome Dove, slept a little, read a little and arrived Hong Kong early morning  to very hot Summer weather!  Transit train to Kowloon then MTR to Hung Hom station.  Located Intercity desk […]

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Old Money

September 16, 2010


Being born in the late sixties just about qualifies me to relay with some degree of childhood accuracy, my own, or indeed possibly the general confusion surrounding the British monetary system and the transition to metrication we were all going through in the early 1970’s.  My first & lasting memories of this strange & unique […]

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Living In A Dog Box

August 13, 2010


Well here we are once again ducking & diving our way through another Auckland Winter which has brought us the usual extremes of morning frosts and glorious Summer like days interspersed with the usual sideshows of clear nights, thrashing rain, howling winds etc.. So unpredictable is it that you just don’t know which way it […]

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The Big Rush

August 12, 2010


Doesn’t it seem as though everyone is cramming their lives to the fullest these days? I’m not talking necessarily about those people who elect to live this way, that percentage of society who are able to operate comfortably on 5hrs of sleep per night and grind through as much of life as they can.  No […]

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The Devil’s Footsoldiers

August 11, 2010


Maybe it’s just me, but one monumentally bothersome aspect of living in this otherwise delightful corner of the greater Auckland region is reluctantly having to co-exist with far too many mosquitoes.  Quite possibly I may just be operating alone in my virtually 365 day (night)-a-year war on these particularly heinous insects, but I suspect this […]

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